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Services: designer/architect, Products: manufacturing company


Product design, furnishings and decor, Indoor/outdoor furniture, Urban furniture


Household items, Indoor/outdoor furniture, Urban furniture

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Our company is a world leader in the production of high quality solar heated showers Inventors of this technology in 1988, for many years, we have focused exclusively on this field, with a product called DADA, universally recognized as the best product on the market in terms of quality, technology and design. In 2012, under request of our customers, leading companies in this sectors all over the European market, we have decided to enter in the medium and high distribution market products, making the necessary investments. To do that, we opened a new production unit, in order to develop products of high distribution, under the name of Formidra Srl. After the first year dedicated to starting facilities and other related activities, we are now ready to reach foreign markets. Besides the totality of the European market, we are currently operating in countries such as, Morocco, Lebanon, United Arab Emirates and Israel. We have established advanced negotiations with Australia, United States and Brazil, which are our main goal in the near future, together with South Africa, for obvious reasons of seasonality. We stay at your disposal for any further information.



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English , French, German, Spanish, Portuguese

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Giancarlo Rusconi - 011887133

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