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Design and luxury
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Services: designer/architect


Product design, Household items, furnishings and decor, Kitchen and home appliances, Lighting, Electronic and technical tools, Games for children, Indoor/outdoor furniture, Urban furniture, Food design, Graphic design, Corporate identity and graphic design, Packaging, Publishing grafics, Art design, Limited edition, Interior design, Homes, Public places (offices, shops, hotels), Exhibit, Events, Fittings exhibitions and museums

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ARDES Progetti is a Turin based design studio, founded in 2007. We works in architecture, with design of new buildings and renovation of existing buildings, interior design, product design and graphic design, from corporate identity to packaging and communication. We are three architects with different skills, background and personality, and for this reason complementary and mutually reinforcing. We like to design because we are curious, because we want to experiment, innovate, solve problems, amaze and make people smile. Above all, we like to think that our projects will help people to live better. Our design philosophy is based on a methodology that sees the project as a journey of discovery, through which combine functionality and aesthetics, making choices than ever before are restricted to the simple formal aspect. We work with a systemic approach to the project. Our vision sees the designer as co-responsible (along with producer, end user and the society) of the lifecycle of products that are put on the market and for this, as far as possible, each project must consider production, use and end of life of products. We try to spread the culture of design, through teaching at the bachelor degree in Design and Visual Communication of Politecnico di Torino.


15.000,00 €

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English , French

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Riccardo Vicentini - 0113724175

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