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Services: designer/architect, Products: manufacturing company


Product design, Household items, furnishings and decor, Lighting, Sanitary taps, Electronic and technical tools, Games for children, Sports article, Indoor/outdoor furniture, Urban furniture, Food design, Other (please detail), Graphic design, Advertising, communication design, Corporate identity and graphic design, Packaging, Publishing grafics, Signposting (interior/outdoor, Art design, Limited edition, Interior design, Homes, Public places (offices, shops, hotels), Exhibit, Events, Fittings exhibitions and museums, Fashion design, Jewelry, Accessory, Pret a porter


Household items, Furnishings and decor, Lighting, Sanitary taps, Indoor/outdoor furniture, Fashion & accessories

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Alessandra Scarfò is a young designer who operates in the contemporary international scenario. Her work boasts several projects ranging over fashion products, interior design, exhibit constructions and interactive installations. Her multiple skills in each and every field show a cross-disciplinary approach in her designing, starting from contemporary design models and focusing on sustainability. Her research study on design is committed to examining new materials and aimed at pursuing customized solutions and the quality in details. In 2010 Alessandra Scarfò proposed her collection “Merci di culto”, constituted by self-funded objects. On 11st-13rd November 2011 the collection has supported AIRC (The Italian Association for Cancer Research ) during the charity event Love Design at the PAC in Milan, together with other top- designers (Kartel, Alessi, Sambonet, Davide Groppi) and on 18th-20th November 2011 has been selected and exposed at YEP (Young Designer Exhibition 2011) in Cremona. Object are for sale in shops across Turin, Rivoli (To), Ivrea (To), Como, Milan, Rome, Florence, Modena, Bologne, Antwerp (Belgium) and the museum stores of Mole Antonelliana (Turin), Egyptian Museum (Turin), National Automobile Museum (Turin), Guggenheim (in Venice), Maxxi (Rome), Mart (Rovereto) and Triennale (Milan). The Mole earrings have been worn by the comedy actress


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English , French, Spanish, Russian

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Alessandra Scarfò - +393402216101

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