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Design and luxury
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Services: designer/architect, Products: manufacturing company


Graphic design, Advertising, communication design, Packaging, Signposting (interior/outdoor, Art design, Limited edition, Interior design, Homes, Public places (offices, shops, hotels), Exhibit, Events, Fittings exhibitions and museums


Household items, Furnishings and decor, Lighting

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We chose ARTMOSFERAE as the trademark of our company, the Spi Creatività Sas, in order to concretely represent our society’s commitment in a world of design, art and beauty. We have been working in different creative areas for many years. This is why we have decided to give only one name to the result of our experiences. ARTMOSFERAE applies new concepts and ideas both to everyday products and to multiple pieces. The innovations help us explore new charming spaces and give them a new image and personality. And what about home and working environments, or a more relaxing atmosphere? We can make your dreams come true because our philosophy is to experience art in all its forms. Modern technology gives us a wide range of possibilities that ARTMOSFERAE uses to create handicrafts, exactly like the most ancient workshops. Our products have a high degree of quality and creativity thanks to the preliminary project, which is perfectly tailored according to the different needs, and also through the best technical execution.Our company invites all those who are interested in the new expressive methods to present their projects. We will make sure that all your ideas come to life.


900.000,00 €

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English , French

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Alessandro Villani - 0119436895

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