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Design and luxury
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Design Digest



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Services: designer/architect


Product design, Limited edition, Fashion design, Jewelry, Accessory

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Design Digest is a collective of artists and designers directed by Luana Marmo and Biagio Michieletti with the participation of designers Sara Simone and Irene Pecchenino. Our background come from architecture and design studies but we had always had a very close italian practise of fine arts.Design Digest is a project that aims to create high quality interactions between art , architecture and design, creating objects with strong aesthetic and cultural value . Contemporary style stands out through the stainless steel 304 , material with properties refined, which has its main use in the architectural field revisiting it designing fashion accessories preserving the noble qualities . Design Digest draws a fresh look at industrial production, linked to the choice of material, thanks to the experience of the artisan who carefully shapes and forms each object.



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Luana Marmo - 3894807429

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